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Amanda Slider - Banner Slider for Magento

  • Responsive slider
    Magento Slider Manager
    Magento Slider Manager - Responsive slider
    24 slide transitions
    10 caption animation types
    30 special easing effects
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Online Responsive Design Testing

A full-width or fixed-width slider with timeline and navigation bar (based on the Slider Revolution Responsive jQuery Plugin).

  • 24 slide transitions
    Box mask, Box mask mosaic, Slot zoom horizontal, Slot slide horizontal, Slot fade horizontal, Slot zoom vertical, Slot slide vertical, Slot fade vertical, Curtain one, Curtain two, Curtain three, Slide left, Slide right, Slide up, Slide down, Fade, Slide horizontal, Slide vertical, Paper cut, Fly in, Turn off, Cube, 3D curtain vertical, 3D curtain horizontal
    You can set the transition speed, the personal delay and the personal transition type for each slide.
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  • 10 caption animation types for incoming and outgoing animation
    Short from top, Short from bottom, Short from right, Short from left, Long from top, Long from bottom, Long from right, Long from left, Fade in, Random rotate
    You can set the animation type, position, speed and delay for each caption
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  • 30 special easing effects of the animation
    Out back, In quad, Out quad, In out quad, In cubic, Out cubic, In out cubic, In quart, Out quart, In out quart, In quint, Out quint, In out quint, In sine, Out sine, In out sine, In expo, Out expo, In out expo, In circ, Out circ, In out circ, In elastic, Out elastic, In out elastic, In back, In out back, In bounce, Out bounce, In out bounce
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  • Video embedding (Vimeo & Youtube)
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  • SEO friendly
    All content always readable for search engines
  • Optional Shadows included.
    The Shadow display underneath the banner, only in fixed width mode.
  • Navigation Types
    Bullet - Round One, Bullet - Round Two, Bullet - Square, Thumbs
  • Сustom transitions/animations for each object in the slide
  • Timeline Position: Top/bottom
  • Autoplay that stops on user interaction
  • Fully customisable via CSS & HTML

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